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"Everything that every individual has ever done in all of human history establishes the minimum boundary of the possible."



I am the Director of Research at the Center for Mindfulness & Human Potential at the University of California Santa Barbara.

My research tests the limits of cognitive, affective, and neural plasticity. I explore how much a person can change under ideal circumstances by leading evidence-based training initiatives and examining their impact on cognitive abilities, physiology, brain dynamics, gene expression, and much more. Another focus of my work is determining the optimal ways to integrate mindfulness into K-12 schools.




I have taught academic courses in Mindfulness, Health Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Research Methods in the Dept. of Psychological & Brain Sciences at the University of California Santa Barbara.

I also teach results-oriented workshops on a range of topics including mindfulness and self-control.



I run a company called Empirical Wisdom that translates the best science on mindfulness and self-control into practical strategies for improving your life. We offer online courses and take on a limited number of clients for individual coaching.

Empirical Wisdom provides free and discerning reviews of the best new science on mindfulness, self-control, and optimizing performance.

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Michael Mrazek


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